ICDR Arbitrator Search and List-Only Service

The ICDR can provide a list of up to 10 or 15 arbitrators, drawn from the best qualified to resolve the parties’ dispute, based on criteria provided by the filing party, or by all parties if it is a joint request.

What You Do: Contact the ICDR, provide your contact information, the number of arbitrators requested, and preferences regarding arbitrator qualifications, including subject matter and legal expertise, geographic location, language capability, nationalities to be searched or avoided, and a listing of all entities and law firms related to the case.

What You Get: The ICDR, using the Energy Arbitrator List combined with its own global roster of arbitrators, provides the requesting party(ies) with a list of 10 to 15 arbitrators who are generally available and whose credentials best match the criteria specified by the requesting party or parties, along with each listed arbitrator's resume/CV.

What The ICDR Does: The arbitrators are notified that their information is being provided to clients and that they may be contacted directly by the parties. Once this service is concluded it is up to the parties to manage the rest of the appointment process.

Costs for Arbitrator Select: List Only

 • List of 10 arbitrators: $1,500; 10 additional names, if needed: $750

 • List of 15 arbitrators: $2,000; 15 additional names, if needed: $1,000

Refunds: There is a minimum search fee of $750. If the ICDR, in its sole discretion, is unable to compile an appropriate list of arbitrators after completing a search, the balance of the List-Only Service fees will be refunded.

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